Any advice on how to display research findings in portfolio?

I am a bit confused about how to display qualitative research findings in a UX research portfolio. I know that people spend like a minute on each project and I don’t know how to quickly give them a sense of my findings without making it boring. I know images can be the best way to represent some findings but I don’t want to entirely depend on them because sometimes images don’t load due to internet issues.

Cadet Asked on June 24, 2017 in User Research.
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Hi MrPixel!

I would strongly advise to represent your findings with images if possible. You should aim to have photos and/or diagrams to illustrate your work on any project you’re putting in front of hiring managers.

If you can get photos of your interviews or tests it will remind potential clients or employers that you were there doing the work. Pictures of post-it notes mapped out demonstrate that you are synthesising your research to work out themes and trends.

See here for an example of one of my case studies which uses images to reinforce the research findings:

Cadet Answered on April 23, 2018.
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