Which workshops work well in new roles?

What sort of workshops do you like to run when moving to a new role; to help you get up to speed with the brand, vision and goals of your new employer?



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UX workshops are typically user-focused except if it’s service design you’re talking about. To be specific, if by getting up to speed, you mean with user needs, then you might want to run a focus group, empathy mapping or journey mapping workshop with the target users. You can run these activities sequentially and each will give you new or reinforced insights about the users in terms of understanding their motivations, goals, pains and thought process better.

If on the other hand, your focus is on the employer and internal stakeholders, then 1-1 interview with the product owner/manager/sponsor and/or business analyst but prior to that you would have studied the project brief or requirements document to have an initial understanding of the brand, vision and goals.

Cadet Answered on April 8, 2018.
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